Drowning Guide ManualStaying warm – staying alive

Did you know that your body loses body heat 25 times faster in water than it does in air of the same temperature?

How your body loses heat.

Radiation is when your body loses or gains heat by sitting in the sun or around a camp fire. If you are not wearing clothes your body can lose up to 70% of its body heat through radiation.

Convection is the process where your body loses heat as air or water currents pass over the skin. It is particularly relevant in cold water immersion and one of the reasons why if you require rescue you should adopt the HELP position (Heat Escape Lessoning Position).

Conduction is the transfer of body heat through direct contact with an object, like sitting on a cold stone bench. It is a significant route of heat loss in cold water.

Evaporation is where your body loses heat through sweating and respiration.