Irish Water Safety
Irish Water Safety

A field guide for the treatment of drowning, hypothermia and cold water immersion injuries.

If you do not think that drowning is a major health problem and a high risk factor for water sports enthusiasts then you probably don’t work in a hospital emergency department.

Every water user should be familiar with the skills and techniques required by first responders in the rescue and treatment of a casualty. This guide will give you those skills and prepare you for real life water based emergencies. Knowing what to do and when to do it can literally be the difference between life and death.



Treating a friend, colleague or family member who has suffered a drowning or hypothermia incident can be relatively straightforward or extremely challenging. No two cases will be alike. While in some incidents the person might just require a dry set of clothes and a warm drink, in others, despite the appropriate treatment, that person may die.

The outcome, especially in serious drowning and hyperthermia incidents is often difficult to predict. However it is widely acknowledged that if the appropriate care is delayed or absent then the prognosis will most likely be poor.

This guide is designed and written for the ‘first on scene’ or ‘first responder’ as it is invariably a non medical person who encounters or witnesses such events. Knowing what, and as importantly, what not to do, will most likely have a significant bearing on the outcome.

Search and Rescue personnel will similarly find this guide invaluable when faced with difficult or multi casualty scenarios.
The Field Guide for the treatment of Drowning, Hypothermia and cold water immersion incidents is designed and written in line with current medical understanding and best international practice.


This guide provides and invaluable resource.  The excellent content has been complimented by a clear and easy to use design.
Paul Allan
Director of Training, Academy of Emergency Care, Cork University Hospital.
A clear and succinct read.  This guide would be a robust addition to their toolbox.
Dr Paddy Morgan MD
(Medical Advisor, Surf Life Saving Association, Great Britain).
This book can save lives.
Tim Severin
Author, Explorer and Navigator.
A field guide for the treatment of drowning, hypothermia & cold water immersion incidents.